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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who is Solaris Leisure and where is your company?
Solaris Leisure is a specialty manufacturer of caravanning products. We are based in Shenzhen, China.

What do you make?
We specialize in manufacturing a whole range of high quality yet very competitively priced caravanning products that are tailored to the special needs of the touring caravanners and motorhome owners. Our product range comprises full awnings, porches, canopies, other camping tents (dome tents, beach tents, mountain tents), sleeping bags and a range of accessories which include an annexe, inner tents, awning bags, awning frames, windbreaks, awning curtains and awning parts. For a complete list our newly expanded products, please click here.

What is unique of Solaris Leisure¡¯s caravanning products?
What kind of materials to do use in your products?
We are proud to use only the best and environmental friendly materials in our products. Our awning and porch fabrics are made of proprietary waterproof and weatherproof polyester fabrics coated with 4 layers of heavy duty and environmental friendly proprietary coatings. Our fabrics are of equal quality to Ten Cate¡¯s renowned specialty fabrics in our SGS testing. We also use high grade PVC materials that meet the European Environmental Standards for the awning windows and mud flaps. Our frames of coated steel pipes are sturdier than most other frames available on the market as we use 25mm/22mm pipes instead of the common 22mm/19mm ones. We use molded heavy duty zips that are superior to nylon coiled zips not only on reliability and durability but also allows interchangeable installation of side panels and annexes. On top of all these, our awnings and porches come with a draught skirt and a wheel arch cover making our packages complete ones without the additional cost of buying those parts separately.

How do you provide customer support?
We are proud to offer 100% quality guarantee on all of our products. As our commitment to both quality assurance and our customer, in the rare event of a quality issue, we will exchange any product at question.

How can we buy from you?
If you are a dealer/distributor of caravanning products, please contact us directly. If you are an individual customer who would like to purchase one of our products, please contact one of our listed dealers. Just tell them the size of your caravan and they will do the rest.

How to get in touch with Solaris Leisure?
You can either call or write us. We would be happy to assist you as much as we can.

How do I decide what size of awning will fit your caravan?

How do I install an awning?
To download a detailed installation manual, please click here.

How to care for an awning?
Careful treatment and frequent attention to any deposits found on the canvas will ensure a long life to your awning. Avoid parking your caravan too near to the sea or woods as this can cause problems. The sea breeze with its saline content will settle salt onto the canvas. The salt binds with the atmospheric humidity and affects the waterproofing over an extended period. Contamination from polluted air, pollen, insect or bird excreta can also affect the waterproofing coating of the canvas if not removed in time. Therefore it is very important to clean the awning regularly. See more about correct cleaning in the next paragraph. Take care when using aerosols such as hair spray, suntan lotion, deodorant and fly/mosquito spray. The aerosol propellant will neutralize the waterproofing quality of the canvas.



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